Experience The Beauty And Elegance Of The Chatsworth House Gardens

The gardens that surround the Chatsworth House are some of the U.K.’s most famous places. The Chatsworth House, found in the Peak District National Park at Bakewell in Derbyshire, England, is the family home of the Duke of Devonshire. The estate and water wall fountains are now owned by the Cavendish family and is being maintained by the Trustees of Chatsworth Settlement. The trust is fully funded by charitable organizations as well as by monetary donations that come from visitors.

The garden is made up of 105 acres of land along with several water masterpieces. It is where the Cascade Fountain can be found which is said to be in existence for more than 300 years. This fountain is said to be made up of a series of 24 steps wherein water flows over. Each step comes in different size and shape which allows it to create a unique sound as the water flows downhill. At the bottom of the cascade, the water finally disappears underneath.

Meanwhile, the housing of the cascade has several beautiful fountains and powerful jets. As the water leaves the fountain, it then passes into an underground path which leads to Chatsworth’s front lawn.

Another fountain worth mentioning is the Emperor Fountain which is the largest gravity fed fountain that’s found in England. It is surrounded by Canal Pond which is a 314-foot lake that is nestled just to the south of the house. Upon its completion, the fountain had the unique ability to soar by up to 298 feet in the air. At present however, it cannot reach the same height as it used to in the past. Each of the fountain’s water feature gets its power through a reservoir in the hills that is behind the Chatsworth House.

Other beautiful water features found on the grounds include the Revelation Fountain, the Willow Tree Fountain, and the Seahorse Fountain. The latter is an exquisite form of sculpture in a round pond that is nestled between the house and Canal Pond. It gets its power from the Cascade Fountain. The Willow Tree Fountain is found within the Cascade Fountain. It is designed with branches that squirt water on visitors while they pass. Imposing like a phony tree, it has caught visitors off-guard for over 300 years. Lastly, the Revelation Fountain was not added to the ground until 1999. Powered by kinetic means, the fountain’s construction can be credited to Angela Conner.

The garden manages to continue being under renovations with the help of volunteers. In the meantime, Chatsworth remains the finest stately home of Derbyshire. The well-maintained garden as well as its water features are the things that make the Chatsworth House truly unforgettable.